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PRESS RELEASE: Unruly Brings Dynamic Creative Optimisation To Social Video

Proprietary Social Video Advertising Platform Now Gives Brands Unprecedented Ability to Improve Campaign Performance in Real Time

LONDON—September 6, 2012—Unruly, the award-winning global technology platform for social video advertising, today announced that it has added dynamic creative optimisation to its Social Video Player.

This proprietary technology will dramatically increase a brand’s campaign performance by automatically selecting which video ad to display to the target audience. The selection is based on viewer behaviour and the campaign’s KPIs. It will help brands spend campaign distribution budgets in the most efficient way and allow them to change content without going back to the production phase.

When activated, the technology chooses which of the brand’s multiple videos to show based on how the content is performing against the brand’s objectives, whether it be to drive awareness, advocacy, action or attention. Powered by Unruly’s on-demand analytics and big data processing system, it provides instant feedback on consumer interactions, shares, completion rates and clickthroughs. As soon as one video is racing ahead of the others, that video is played for a higher proportion of time.

The highest performing creative is selected based on algorithms within Unruly’s MEME (Media Engagement and Measurement Engine) proprietary technology platform, which supports live updating of creative assets. The data is analysed every 10 seconds, ensuring that campaign performance is measured in real-time.

“With these new features, we can provide the insight brands need to decide which of their creatives is the highest performing. The selection of the creative is not made on gut instinct, MEME is able to very efficiently optimise views across multiple creative assets to meet campaign objectives,” explains Matthew Cooke, Co-Founder and CTO at Unruly.

“Dynamic Creative Optimisation is already hugely successful in online advertising; we’re pleased to be bringing its dramatic impact on campaign performance data to social video advertising.” 

The product is currently available on an exclusive basis to select customers.


PRESS RELEASE: Social Video Platform Unruly Reports Rapid Growth In 2012


High-growth Company continues international expansion and investment in people

NEW YORK, SAN FRANCISCO AND LONDON—August 15, 2012—Unruly, the award-winning global technology platform for social video advertising, today announced its results for the year ended 31 March, 2012.  

The year to 31 March, 2012 saw a period of significant growth for the Group, both in its revenues and geographical reach. Revenue tripled from £6.0 million in fiscal year 2011 to £17.6 million in fiscal year 2012.

“In 2012 we invested in expanding our geographical footprint and hiring senior people to fuel our growth,” said Unruly founder and Group CEO Scott Button.

“These results consolidate our position as the clear global leader in social video advertising. These are exciting times for the industry, with global online ad spend set to reach $110 billion by 2014 and online video ad spend predicted to be the fastest growing category.”

Highlights of the financial year include:

  • Funding: The Company secured a $25 million Series A investment in January 2012 led by Amadeus Capital Partners and Van den Ende & Deitmers, with participation from the Business Growth Fund. The financing is the largest ever for a private company in the social video space and is being used to accelerate international growth and cement Unruly’s position as the global leader in this fast-growing area.
  • Office Openings: Unruly opened new offices in Chicago, Stockholm and Berlin in fiscal year 2012 and today announces the opening of two new offices in Detroit and Los Angeles to cement its US presence. This adds to the Company’s existing offices in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Amsterdam and Sydney. In June 2012, Unruly relocated its headquarters in London to a four-storey building to accommodate its growth in head count.
  • People: Average headcount grew from 24 to 73 in 2012, and currently sits at over 125 globally, with plans to continue recruitment.
  • Awards: The Company received several prestigious business awards, including the UK National Business Awards “Growth Strategy of the Year” and the Chamber Awards “UK Business of the Year”. It was shortlisted for Red Herring’s Top 100 Europe Award and was named among the top 50 fastest growing digital companies in Europe at GP Bullhound’s 2012 Media Momentum Awards. Founder and Group CEO Scott Button was also named “Digital Innovator of the Year” by the Growing Business Awards and COO Sarah Wood was crowned “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” award by the Fast Growth Business Awards.
  • Services and Products: In June 2012, Unruly opened its state-of-the-art Social Video Lab – the only one of its kind in the world – which helps brands to increase the ROI of their social video ad campaigns based on customised and exclusive insight. Unruly plans to continue to invest in market-leading insight and analysis to help Global Chief Marketing Officers and senior-level marketers and agencies to calculate the impact of their social video campaigns.

THE FINANCIAL TIMES: London’s ‘Mecca For Digital Companies’ 

In a low-lit, quirkily designed room off Brick Lane in east London, Sarah Wood is testing the Shoreditch network.

Surrounded by technology and media types, the founder and chief operating officer of Unruly Media, an online video company, is demonstrating a facility that visitors and clients can use to identify which video clips are more likely to be shared – and therefore become “viral” hits.

Ms Wood said east London had become “a Mecca for digital companies” since she arrived in the 1990s, drawn by the low rents.

Asked why the neighbourhood continued to appeal, she said: “Because it’s cool.”

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TECHCRUNCH: ‘And What Do You Bring To The Table?’ Watch Kids Grill Tech Leaders In Code Club Video

We’ve all been there: appearing before someone important, having to sell yourself and your ideas, in the hopes of getting a job, funding, or just a break at doing something bigger.

The video below, playing on the idea of a startup pitch parade, takes that nervewracking situation and turns it on its head, by giving the reigns to a panel of kids, and the job of pitching to some of the biggest successes in technology today.

Filmed during the tech leadership confab the Founders Forum, which just completed today in the UK, the video is made to raise the profile of Code Club, a new UK initiative to try to get more kids learning to code, by seeding after-school programs for 10-11 year-olds in schools across the country. The video features luminaries from the UK tech business world, with some international stars thrown in. I won’t spoil it by giving away the names but they’re good; watch for yourself below.

Code Club is being trialled in 25 schools right now (sadly my daughter’s primary is not one of them), with the aim to extend that to one quarter of all UK schools by 2014.

The idea behind the video — produced by the (very cool) digital agency Albion, along with Unruly and Hotspur&Argyle — is to remind people about how developing skills like coding could help save them from technology ignorance — either as future leaders themselves (doing the screening); or as would-be entrepreneurs (pitching for their lives).

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MediaWeek: Unruly Opens Social Video Lab

Unruly, the UK-based social video promotion and distribution specialist, has launched a "social video lab", which its claims will be a boon to brands and agencies.

Unruly said the social video lab will prove invaluable in helping brands and agencies predict the effectiveness of video campaigns, before they roll out.

The lab uses analytics technology to pre-test video campaigns, based on custom built insight before it goes live online.

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BRAND E-Biz: Unruly Puts Social In The Lab

Unruly has unveiled its Social Video Lab in London. The social video marketing outfit is claiming a first for the new unit which boasts psychometric tech, plus sentiment and competive intelligence capabilities, as well as focus groups with bloggers, to enable brands and agencies to forecast the effectivess and shareability of their video content prior to release.

“Because it is emotionally powerful and so easy to share, social video advertising can ignite and amplify conversations at speed and scale – this is its USP versus other media channels such as TV,” says Sarah Wood, COO of Unruly.

“As social video advertising becomes more prevalent in marketing budgets, we want to ensure our clients are maximising this fantastic approach to its full potential.”

Research conducted by Unruly has found that viewer enjoyment increases by 14% when an ad has been shared, and that purchase intent spikes 97% when the viewer enjoys the content.

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MASHABLE: YouTube’s 10 Most-Shared Ads in June

YouTube‘s 10 most-shared ads of June prove that the web will eat up just about every kind of spectacle. Prepare yourself for some seriously diverse entertainment as you thumb through these advertisements for technology, cleaning products and gravity-defying senior citizens. Wait, that’s actually an ad for Pepsi.

June seemed to be a month of heart-racing marketing campaigns. Whether you’re into globe-trotting male models, high-speed car races or a sassy spokeswoman who scares the living daylights out of grown men, there’s bound to be something in the mix that’ll get your pulse going.

Thanks go out to our friends at Unruly for compiling the list. Which is your favorite YouTube ad from the month of June? Let us know in the comments.

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REEL SEO: What Makes a Video Go Viral? 3 Unruly Tips for Social Video Success  

Unruly Media announced the world's first social video lab last Wednesday and we were able to ask Dan Best, Unruly's Planning Director, some questions about it. 

It's a lab that was created to turn the virality of a video from a question to a science, to give brands an insane amount of data that will ensure that their video is likely to be shared.  But what makes a video viral? 

Ahh...we've seen a lot of discussion about that, haven't we?  Well, let's talk to one of the experts. 

Dan Best is the Planning Director at Unruly, and he told us a few things about Unruly's new lab and what makes a video viral.

For the full article, click here.


Unruly Opens World’s First Social Video Lab 

Brands to increase ROI of social video campaigns based on customised research & insight

27 June, 2012 - Unruly today launched the world’s first social video lab, which will allow brands and agencies to predict the effectiveness and shareability of their video content before they invest in campaign budget to disseminate it across the web.

Based at Unruly’s London headquarters, the social video lab will use exclusive analytics to enable clients to maximise the potential return on investment of their content. Brands can pre-test the video, and then tweak it based on custom-built insight and research from Unruly, before it is set live online.

Unruly’s Viral Video Chart, which has tracked over 300 billion video streams since launching in 2006, is the engine behind the video analytics. Clients’ concepts will be tested using sentiment tracking and competitive intelligence. The data will then be blended with the latest creative techniques in conjunction with academic institutions, including psychometric testing and focus groups with bloggers.

The goal of the lab is to explain the science behind sharing to ensure brands are getting the best results for their investment. Whether a brands’ objective is to raise awareness, create action, heighten attention, or raise advocacy, feedback will be provided on which emotional and cultural triggers the content delivers, and to what degree the video resonates with consumers.

“Having delivered award-winning global campaigns, including T-Mobile's Life's for Sharing, Evian's Roller Babies, Old Spice’s Man Your Man Could Smell Like and Heineken’s The Entrance, we have the knowledge, technology and the best historical data in the industry to help marketers pinpoint which content is most likely to be enjoyed and shared online by consumers,” said Sarah Wood, Co-Founder and COO of Unruly.

“Because it is emotionally powerful and so easy to share, social video advertising can ignite and amplify conversations at speed and scale - this is its USP vs other media channels such as TV. As social video advertising becomes more prevalent in marketing budgets, we want to ensure our clients are maximising this fantastic approach to its full potential. The lab is the heart of our research and insights services and there will be more exciting developments coming later this year to raise awareness of how brands can team up with us deliver awesome social video campaigns,” concludes Wood.

Research conducted by Unruly found that viewer enjoyment increases by 14% when an ad has been shared with them and that purchase intent increases by 97% when the viewer enjoys the content. Unruly will be releasing more heavyweight research papers about social video advertising throughout 2012 to support its goal to be the home of social video insight.

Unruly is now accepting bookings from qualified brand marketers and agencies for access to the Social Video Lab’s unique services and solutions. To find out more information or to book a tour, click here or email


Video Inspiring Kids To Learn How To Code Gets 500,000 Views In 48 Hours

Initiative aims to get a ‘Code Club’ in 25% of primary schools by 2014

London, 26 June 2012 - A video to get primary school kids into computer coding starring HRH Prince Andrew and World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee has swept the web.

The ad for Code Club was created in just seven hours by some of the world’s biggest entrepreneurs. It has been seen over 500,000 times in just 48 hours.

Code Club, an initiative set up by Clare Sutcliffe, a UX designer at digitally-led creative agency Albion, and Linda Sandvik, an interface developer at, aims to close the UK IT skills gap by creating a nationwide network of volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for children aged 10-11.

Investors and entrepreneurs from the Founders Form had just one hour to conceptualise an online video that would encourage parents and teachers to get their kids to learn how to write code. It was then created and produced by Albion and Hotspur & Argyle on the same day and distributed by social video platform Unruly the following day.

The Apprentice-style clip sees the HRH Duke of York and some of the world’s biggest and brightest tech entrepreneurs try and persuade a panel of three hard-to-please school kids that they are the right people to join Code Club as a volunteer.

Other entrepreneurs to appear in the video are Chad Hurley, founder of YouTube, Niklas Zennström, co-founder of Skype, Brent Hoberman and Martha Lane-Fox, founders of, politician Dame Tessa Jowell and Joanna Shields, Vice President of Facebook EMEA and former Bebo CEO (that’s Bebo, not Bieber...).

The aim is to have Code Club running in a quarter of all UK primary schools by 2014. It is currently being piloted in 25 schools nationwide.

It’s an initiative close to the heart of Unruly COO and Female Entrepreneur of the Year Sarah Wood, who also lectures at Cambridge University.

“As a UK-founded company, with a passion for developing the country’s digital economy, we’re delighted to be part of this project. Innovation and technology is going to drive tomorrow’s economy and the UK needs to wake up to the potential that coding has for future generations.

“As a mum of three, I’ve long been dismayed by the shortcomings of an ICT curriculum that teaches kids how to be ‘users’ rather than ‘makers’ of software. This needs to change. Code Club provides a scalable, simple solution for effecting this change from the ground up. In a way, that’s fun and appealing to kids.

“We’re used to delivering social campaigns for global brands at speed and scale. Our 14,000 media partners give us a reach of 917 million unique users and we’re delighted to use this reach to help raise awareness of Code Club.”

Jason Goodman, Albion CEO, said: “The brief was close to the hearts of all entrepreneurs who see a major skills gap in coding and know it’s a crucial part of the recipe for creating the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.

“We hope we had a big part to play in helping the foundation meet its goal of having a code club in 25% of primary schools by 2014.”

To watch the video, click here.

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